Lets Go Social

Start with product definition, end with maximum impact!

With Android Apps becoming the need of the hour, we help the clients stay ahead of the crowd, one app at a time. From Samsung to HTC; from OnePlus to Mi, our agile thinkers are always implementing game-changing ideas to create the next big thing for the clients. To maintain a transparent process structure, our Android App Development team works closely with the UI/UX team – coming together, they ensure that each mobile experience is just…  perfect.

The Process

Product Definition – The transformation of the client’s idea into an Android app starts here. We understand the business vision and map out the requirements.

Product Design – This is where designers, app developers and UI/UX experts come together to decide the wireframes. Screen designs are then deployed to create a basic look and feel of the app.

Working Mocks – The wireframes are subsequently flowed out to the ‘coders’. When designer are cementing the visual appeal of the app, the unconventionally hardworking engineers bring those designs into existence for the clients to see.

Tests – A major part of the App Development Process here at LetsGoSocial. The stability of the designs and their allowance to complex code is tested for all devices, versions, and mobile environments.

Maintenance/Support – When things do not make sense, we come for your rescue and put sense to even the most complicated and senseless things.